Are German Shepherds Good Guardian Dogs?

Are German Shepherds Good Guardian Dogs?

The German Shepherd is a dog that has become the favorite breed of many animal lovers for its beauty, intelligence, and obedience. It is also an ideal breed for different jobs such as police dog, assistance dog, rescue dog, and, of course, guard dog. Before explaining why the German Shepherd is a guardian, we are going to tell you a little about its origin and history so that you can learn a little more about its breed and understand the reasons why German Shepherds are good guard dogs.

German Shepherd Characteristics

This breed of dog is large in size, with a robust and muscular body. It is characterized by being a noble, intelligent, family-oriented, and hard-working animal. Due to its characteristics, it is used as a police dog, firefighter, drug detector, defense dog, and guide for dependent people and guardians. So, to the question: is the German shepherd a good guard dog? The answer is a only yes.

Its origin and history confirm that it is a strong and very obedient dog, capable of guarding the home and its human family better than anyone else. If you have a German shepherd and you train him to be a guard dog, he will not hesitate for a second to defend you and your home when you are not there; they will always bravely face anyone who approaches, always offering their owner protection and defense against any attack or robbery. They can easily play the role of estate security dogs to keep the neighborhood safe.

They are brave and faithful, so they can be taught to protect the territory of a house or farm, and they will be the best dogs for this task.

The German shepherd is a docile, intelligent, and protective dog.

If you are looking for a dog of the German Shepherd breed that will take care of your house in your absence and prevent theft, there are breeders of the breed specialized in working dogs, who work their line to breed good guard dogs. There are hundreds of shelters and kennels with dogs hoping someone will rescue them, where you can also find German shepherds up for adoption who will protect you, even twice as much, to thank you for the opportunity you gave them.

If you want to train a German shepherd to learn to defend you at home, you must teach him from a puppy, bearing in mind that he must always socialize with dogs and people. You must teach them correctly what behavior is normal and what is strange so that they learn when they should worry and defend and when not.

After everything we have learned about the breed, we can affirm that the German Shepherd is not only a guardian, it also has defense, protection, and surveillance skills and is good police, military, firefighter, rescue, and help a dog.

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